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Brooklyn's "Best" Lager

Brooklyn's "Best" Lager

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The classic American Light Lager is still quite a popular style but commercial versions are so focused on calorie counts and thin body, that they lose sight of what makes the style so refreshing and delicious.

Our recipe uses the classic combination of 6-Row Barley Malts (originally chosen by immigrant brewers because they were easier to grow than their 2-Row counterparts in American soil) with flaked corn and rice. Corn and rice are added to thin out the higher protein content of 6-row malt and add a distinctly American flavor profile to the recipe.

Expect a more grain-focused flavor (cracker rather than malt) with a hint of sweetness and body from the corn. Saaz hops bring the noble aromas (floral, earthy) that complement the grain profile. A well done version of this style should have a dry finish that makes you want to come back for more.

Additional Info
Recipe Brooklyn's "Best" Lager Recipe & Instructions
Suggested Yeast Bayern Lager - Omega Yeast OYL-114
Color (SRM)

Bitterness (IBU)
Original Gravity (OG)

Final Gravity (FG)

Estimated ABV
Style American Light Lager