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A partial mash babka-style pastry stout just like grandma used to make, with cinnamon, cacao beans, vanilla, and sweet banana esters.

Additional Info
Recipe Blabka Recipe & Instructions
Color (SRM)
Bitterness (IBU) 17
Original Gravity (OG)
1.120 (Starter Recommended*)
Final Gravity (FG)
Estimated ABV 10.3%
Style Pastry Stout

*This recipe has an OG (Original Gravity) above 1.060. We highly recommend making a starter or purchasing more than one pack of yeast to ensure a healthy fermentation. This is a BIG beer.

Please note that kits do not include yeast. You can select both liquid or dry yeast from the dropdown menu. Dry yeast may be a better choice for summer months if you are shipping long distances.