Trident Specialized Hop Blend - 1 oz

Trident Hop Pellets - 1 oz

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Trident™ was developed for those seeking a hop forward punch to the nose fruity, citrus, tropical, passion fruit blend to fit any beer style. Trident™ is a specialized blend with a much wider range of aroma and flavor characteristics than any single hop variety could generate on its own. Although, Trident™ is perfectly balanced as is, it can also be used with other unique Hopsteiner proprietary varieties to build an even more unique, and potent flavor profile.

  • Brewing usage: Dual
  • Aroma: Fruity, Citrus, Tropical, Passion fruit
  • Alpha Acids: 11-14%
  • Beta Acids: 4-5%
  • Total Oils: 1.6-3%
  • Beer styles: Hazy IPA, American Pale Ale, IPA, Lager