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Selvina Farmhouse Ale

Folksbier Brauerei
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The eleventh installment in our NYC Brewery Series comes from our generous friends at Folksbier Brauerei.

Folksbier has been brewing beer in Carroll Gardens since 2014. Their focus is on well balanced beers that take the best parts of traditional old world brewing and combine them with new world ingredients, influences and flavors using the best of new technology.

Selvina is a Bier de Garde ("beer for keeping") that has its roots in the world of saisons. It has a bigger grain bill than most saisons (and therefore a higher alcohol level) and is meant to be lagered for a few months before drinking. Folksbier adds their own twist with the citrus and earth flavors of rose hips which add complexity and balance.

    Additional Info
    Recipe Selvina Farmhouse Ale (Folksbier) Recipe & Instructions
    Color (SRM)
    Bitterness (IBU) 27
    Original Gravity (OG)
    1.071 (Starter Recommended*)
    Final Gravity (FG)
    Estimated ABV 8.0%
    Style Biere de Garde

    *This recipe has an OG (Original Gravity) above 1.060. We recommend making a starter or purchasing more than one pack of yeast to ensure a healthy fermentation.

    Please note that kits do not include yeast. You can select both liquid or dry yeast from the dropdown menu. Dry yeast may be a better choice for summer months if you are shipping long distances.