Safcider AS-2 - Dry Cider Yeast - 5 Grams

Safcider AS-2 - Dry Cider Yeast - 5 Gram

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Fresh aromatic profile (apple, citrus) with nice cooked fruit notes (applesauce) bringing a good overall complexity. Sweet and round mouthfeel.

  • Broad fermentation temperature spectrum: 10-30°C (50-86°F)
  • Low nitrogen requirements: Ratio YAN**(mg/L)/Sugar(g/L) >0.7
  • Good assimilation of fructose
  • Maximum initial SO2 level recommended: 100mg/L and low production of acetaldehyde and SO2
  • Medium malic acid consumption (up to 0.9g/L)
  • Medium 2-phenylethanol and ester producer. Good balance between acetate (amylic) and ethyl (fruity) esters