Pecan Pie Porter - Homebrewers Recipe Kit

Pecan Pie Porter

Bitter & Esters
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A pecan pie, in beer form. Seriously delicious.

FYI: This is a fun recipe that includes some odd ingredients (graham crackers, corn syrup, vanilla extract, and cocoa powder) that you'll probably have in your pantry, but are not included in the kit.

Additional Info
Recipe Pecan Pie Porter - Recipe & Instructions
Color (SRM)
Bitterness (IBU) 37
Original Gravity (OG)
1.077 (Starter Recommended*)
Final Gravity (FG)
Estimated ABV 7.5%
Style Porter, Specialty

*This recipe has an OG (Original Gravity) above 1.060. We recommend making a starter or purchasing more than one pack of yeast to ensure a healthy fermentation.

Please note that kits do not include yeast. You can select both liquid or dry yeast from the dropdown menu. Dry yeast may be a better choice for summer months if you are shipping long distances.

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