Magnum Hop Pellets (NYS) - 1 oz.-Hops

Magnum Hop Pellets (NYS) - 1 oz.

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Originally bred at the Hop Research Center in Hüll in 1980 and released in 1993, Magnum is a German variety and daughter of Galena. It is a high alpha cultivar and is often used as the base bittering variety. Magnum does not display any distinct aroma characteristics, however, subtle spice and fruit characteristics have been noted by some brewers.

Grown locally in New York State, these Magnum hops have a lower Alpha Acid (AA) percentage than Hops produced elsewhere.

Additional Data

Aromas: Floral
Alpha Acids: 17.5 %
Beta Acids: -
Co-humulone: -
Total Oil: -
Myrcene:  -
Humulene:  -
Caryophyllene:  -
Farnesene:  -