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Kent Golding Hop Pellets - 1#

Yakima Chief Hopunion
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Classic English Ale hop which has been used in kettle and dry hopping. First planted in the US in 1995 Development: Developed by clonal selection from 1790 on, starting from Canterbury Whitebine.

  • Usage: Aroma
  • Aroma: Smooth, delicate, slightly spicy
  • Alpha Acids: 4.0 — 7.0%
  • Beta Acids: 2.0 — 2.8%
  • Co-Humulone: 28 — 32% of alpha acids
  • Total Oil: 0.8—1.0 mls/100g
  • Substitutions: US Golding, Whitbread Golding, UK Progress Typical Beer
  • Styles: All English style Ales, Belgian style Ales
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