Go Ferm Protect Evolution (10 Grams)-Yeast Nutrient-Bitter & Esters

Go Ferm Protect Evolution (10 Grams)

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It is a natural yeast rehydration nutrient con­taining a balance of micronutrients. It was developed to enhance kinetics and thereby potentially avoid problem fermentations. Suspend Go-Ferm in the rehydration wa­ter before adding the selected active dried yeast culture. The yeast soak up the valuable bio-available micronu­trients as they rehydrate. Infusing yeast with these es­sential nutrients arms them against ethanol toxicity and optimizes nutrient availability to the rehydrating yeast culture. The result is fermentations that finish stronger.

Go-Ferm Rehydration Procedure
For 1 packet of yeast, dissolve 6.25g of Go-Ferm Protect in 125mL hot water (the hotter the better). The warmer the water, the easier it will be to dissolve the Go-Ferm.

When the water reaches 104 °F (40 °C), pour in your yeast. Give the slurry a quick swirl. After 15 minutes, begin tempering yeast by adding 50mL Must to the yeast slurry every 5 minutes. When yeast slurry temperature is within 10 °F of Must temperature, pitch yeast into the fermenter.