Interbro Spirits & Ales Full Time IPA - Homebrewers Recipe Kit

Fulltime IPA

Interboro Spirits & Ales
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The fifth release in our NYC Brewery Series, comes from our generous friends at Interboro Spirits & Ales. Interboro is Brooklyn's only craft brewery and distillery. Their goal is to engage, inspire, and bring people together with their distinctive, flavor-forward beers and spirits. They want to push the limits on what can be created with three basic ingredients: grain, yeast and water.

Fulltime is a classic NEIPA that pairs pilsner malts with a touch of wheat for a clean and simple malt base while showcasing the aromatic strengths of Amarillo, Mosaic & Citra hops. Expect a healthy mix of orange, lemon and grapefruit layered with tropical notes of lychee and guava. The American yeast in this recipe will bring a dry finish to an otherwise full-bodied beer that will leave you wanting more. 

Additional Info
Recipe Fulltime IPA (Interboro) Recipe & Instructions
Color (SRM)
Bitterness (IBU) 35
Original Gravity (OG)
Final Gravity (FG)
Estimated ABV 6.0%

Please note that kits do not include yeast. You can select both liquid or dry yeast from the dropdown menu. Dry yeast may be a better choice for summer months if you are shipping long distances.