Star San - 8oz-Sanitizer

Star San - 8oz

Star San
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Prevent your newly brewed batch from infection by sanitizing the equipment with Star San. This acid-based, non-toxic sanitizer is effective and easy-to-use, with no-rinsing required. Sanitize fermenters, vessels and more without having to wait (like with bleach) and rinse. Foaming action lets you know its working! Works fast, requires only 1-2 minute contact time Foaming action sanitizes larger vessels and gets into nooks, crevices and cracks Odorless and flavorless, will not taint beer or wine No rinsing needed when using recommended dilution Use only one ounce per 5 gallons of water Note: Any foam that is left over in your carboy or keg will not harm beer or you as it is safe and non-toxic. You can minimize the foaming effect by adding Star San to the vessel after the water has been added, and by siphoning as opposed to pouring the solution between vessels. Allow extra time for draining.