Fifth Hammer Break of Jawn Belgian Style Witbier - Homebrewers Recipe Kit

Break of Jawn

Fifth Hammer
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The twenty-eighth entry in our NYC Brewery Series is a Belgian Wit from our generous friends at Fifth Hammer Brewing Co. Mary and Chris have been instrumental in forging both the homebrew and craft beer scene in NYC over the years and we wish them continued success on their brewing journeys!

They've offered up a true classic in this Belgian Wit-style recipe* that is chock full of toasted and flaked oats, malted and unmalted wheat, and a crackery pilsner malt base that gives this beer an impressively rich mouthfeel. Paired with a delightfully aromatic phenols from the yeast and citrus aromas from orange peel and coriander, you simply can't go wrong when brewing this style.

*This recipe won a Gold medal at the National Honey Board beer competition in 2021.

Additional Info
Recipe Break of Jawn Fifth Hammer - Recipe & Instructions
Color (SRM)
Bitterness (IBU) 20
Original Gravity (OG)
Final Gravity (FG)
Estimated ABV 5.5%
Style Belgian Wit

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