How To Use Your Discount Code

Did you receive a discount code from us? Great! We are looking forward to teaching you how to brew. But first - you need to sign up!

We've got some quick instructions on how to sign up for a class. Head over to our Brewshop 101 page. Scroll down until you see the calendar and select a date that works best for you.

Pick a Date For the Class

Then you'll want to enter the number of students you have a code for.

Choose number of students

You'll need to enter a code for each student you want to sign up.

Enter a code for each student

Once each student has a discount code, you'll just need to enter your contact and payment information.

Add Your Payment and Contact Info

And that's it! You're signed up and ready to go. If you've got any questions feel free to contact us at, via Facebook, or leave a message at (917) 596-7261.