See What You Can Brew - E7 - Randolph Brewing & The Secrets of Spices

See What You Can Brew - E7 - Randolph Brewing & The Secrets of Spices

With a focus on food pairing and experimental brewing, Randolph Beer is unique in the Brooklyn brewing community. Their impressive beer lists feature quality beers from other breweries alongside their own in-house offerings. In this interview we sat down with Kyle Kensrue (Randolph COO), along with our friend Flint Whistler (head brewer at the Williamsburg Location) to discuss the origins of the business, and what inspires their beer program

John and Doug also offer belligerent criticism about spiced beers and how you should attempt to make one if you must.

Upcoming Events: October 13th at Bergen Brewminaries Gravity fundraisers.

Join us at Berg’n on Sunday, October 13 from 1-5pm, to taste more than 30 beers from some of the best homebrewers in NYC! We’ll be serving curated beer style pairings which are similar in flavor profile, but differ in alcohol content.

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See What You Can Brew is a community oriented homebrewing podcast that will give you insights into the awesome things happening in the world of New York City Homebrewing! We’ll talk about what homebrewers are up to, different beer styles, brewing tips and troubleshooting, interviews with professional and amateur brewers, answers to listeners questions and witty banter from your favorite homebrew shop owners. See What You Can Brew is produced and recorded at Bitter & Esters, located at 700 Washington Ave. in world-famous Brooklyn, NY.

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