See What You Can Brew - E3 - The Mad Fermentationist

See What You Can Brew - E3 - The Mad Fermentationist

John & Doug sit down with Michael Tonsmiere, AKA The Mad Fermentationist. Michael has been dispensing solid advice about brewing techniques for a few years now (he wrote a hit book!), and recently opened a brewery, Sapwood Cellars.

John & Doug also cover some basics on sour beers (and quick sours in particular) and why brewers like them.

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See What You Can Brew” is a community oriented homebrewing podcast that will give you insights into the awesome things happening in the world of New York City Homebrewing! We’ll talk about what homebrewers are up to, different beer styles, brewing tips and troubleshooting, interviews with professional and amateur brewers, answers to listeners questions and witty banter from your favorite homebrew shop owners. “See What You Can Brew” is produced and recorded at Bitter & Esters, located at 700 Washington Ave. in world-famous Brooklyn, NY.

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