7 Local (Plus 3 Not So Local) Sours to Pucker Your Palate

Brooklyn Magazine has a wonderful interview with Michael Tonsmeire (aka the Mad Fermentationist) and author of American Sour Beers (and recent guest at Bitter & Esters) where he offers up some insights as to why sour beers are becoming more popular:

If you love wine or you love Kombucha or you love yogurt or all sorts of other things, sour beers might be the beer you’ve been waiting for. That’s the great thing about sour beers — its this whole other part of the palate. I mean, almost all beers are on the dry-bitter, sweet-malty spectrum, and this is just–it’s not a different part of the spectrum, it’s a entirely different spectrum.

They've also got some recommendations on great sours from the NYC area. Check out the whole interview here.
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