Second Annual Community Apple Press Days

apple-slider-2015-v3It's fall and that means it's time for us to make cider! Bitter & Esters is proud to announce our second annual Community Apple Press Day. We're offering two sessions this year, Tuesday November 10th and Wednesday November 11th from 5pm to 8pm. Our friends Joy and Jeremy from Proper Cider will be at Bitter & Esters grinding and helping to press apples into delicious cider. This is your chance to see how cider is made from scratch. This will be Jeremy & Joy’s 11th year making cider in Brooklyn and they will be available to answer questions about cider making, fermentation and show you how they do it. Last year's event was quite the hit and we're looking forward to doing it again. Plus, if you would like to craft your own juice blend to ferment into cider, you can run your apples through Proper Cider’s equipment. This is an awesome opportunity to make your cider the proper way. On top of all that, Proper Cider will have some finished ciders to sample during the day. This is a free event and Bitter & Esters will have Cider fermentation equipment and yeast for sale so when you grind and press your apples you can get your fresh cider home and start fermenting! The minimum amount you can have ground and pressed is one bushel, which is around 42 pounds of apples. This will yield between three and four gallons of juice. The maximum is 2 bushels which will yield around 9 gallons. Team up with some friends and split a larger batch! Sign up for pressing times here.

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