Homebrewers Guild Turns 25...Party Time!

Is it just us or does homebrewing seem to stand at an epic tipping point? Today's interest in brewing not simply out of necessity but of desire, has skyrocketed and taken off at last Saturday's wildly successful NYC Homebrewers Guild 25th Anniversary soiree. We sported our Bitter & Esters shirts and took to the streets (really, Brooklyn Brewery), armed with four delicious brews: Hops Stoopid, Kevs Irish Red, Fresh Citra Pale Ale, and our Special Cider. All in all -- amazing brews, jovial conversations, impromptu photoshoots, and a lovely surprise by Garrett Oliver. Plus, we especially took to everything on tap by Pour Standards, the Mead by The Gratuitous Lily Guild & Peter Solomond's Lambic. The crowd was a buzzing with a sizable crew of non-brewers -- remember those days? More folks of the homebrewing DNA, but all in all, a pretty diverse mashup. If we said "hi" or you liked one of our brews, don't be a stranger -- drop us a line and stop by for our upcoming classes and events. In the meantime, here's some photo fodder in case you missed the action: final7 final1       final2       final3       final4       final5       final6       final8      
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