Collection: Summer Seasonals

Traditionally, different styles of beer were brewed according to season as different temperatures favored different styles of beers (ales in the summer, lagers in the winter). For those brewers with temperature control, this isn't too much of an issue anymore, but for those without - our cool weather is almost over! It's time to get those sessionable ales in the fermenter this week. To that end, we're highlighting recipes that have quick turnaround times and are great for warm weather drinking.

These recipes also lend themselves to a little interpretation - our Saison du Grapefruit could easily be a Tangerine/Lime/Lemon Saison by just switching up the citrus peel. There She Gose can quickly become a fruited kettle sour with the addition of some fruit puree. Let your imagination run wild! Don't forget that most of these beers work well in the summer heat by using some Kveik yeast.