Unmalted Barley (NYS)

Unmalted Barley (NYS)

New York Craft Malt
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Can be blended up to 50% as a base malt, but we'd recommend a lot less. Helps with head retention and adds a significantly bready flavor to the final product. Can be difficult to lauter at high rates so consider using with rice hulls. 

Maltster New York Craft Malt
Malt Style
Base Malt
Mild, Sweet, Bready
Light Straw
Lovibond -
Fermentability -
PPG (Extract Potential) -
Diastatic Power (Lintner)
Usage (% of total Grain Bill) Up to 50%
Manufacturer Information -


Please note that malts and adjuncts must be ordered in whole numbers (i.e. 1 Pound / 1 ounce). For more info, see our guide to ordering fractional amounts here. Additionally, all bulk malt purchases (50/55# sacks) are only available for curbside pickup and will not be shipped.