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Nylon Funnel

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  • The 5" funnel (small)  is the right choice for beer bottles, wine bottles, and 1-1.5 gallon jugs.
  • The 8" funnel (medium) is a good size for transferring wort to your fermenter. This funnel fits easily into the neck of the 5, 6, and 6.5 gallon glass carboys.
  • The 10" funnel (large) is the largest funnel that will fit into the neck of a glass carboy. However, you must steady the funnel by hand, as the end of the funnel only goes about 3/4" into the neck of the carboy. This funnel is a good choice for larger, wide-mouth plastic carboys.

The 8" and 10" funnels come with a fine mesh strainer that snaps into place to help strain out larger pieces of sediment.