Mesquite Smoked Malt-Malted Barley

Mesquite Smoked Malt - 5L

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Produced using mesquite wood, this malt is a unique, enzyme-active specialty malt that contributes pronounced smoke and upfront earthy mesquite flavor with some sweetness and is surprisingly smooth.

  • Malt Style: Smoked Malt
  • Flavor: Pronounced smoke, Upfront earthy mesquite, Slightly sweet (less sweet than Briess Cherry Wood Smoked Malt), Smooth
  • Aroma: Smooth smoke


    • 5-10% Noticeable smoke character in lighter styles such as Scottish Ales and Oktoberfests
    • 10-20% Pronounced smoke character in lighter styles like Scottish Ales and Oktoberfests
    • 30-60% Noticeable to pronounced smoke character in darker styles like Stouts and Porters
    • Briess Mesquite Smoked Malt delivers pronounced smoke flavor. We recommend limiting usage to 60% of the grist.


    Please note that malts and adjuncts must be ordered in whole numbers (i.e. 1 Pound / 1 ounce). For more info, see our guide to ordering fractional amounts here.