Brewshop 101: Homebrewing Essentials For Women

Brewshop 101: Homebrewing Essentials

Book online now for only $65! This class is for the homebrewing novice and is designed to empower and build community among diverse beginner brewers, and is open to women, transgender, and non-binary folks.

It is a fantastic experience for anyone looking to develop a deeper understanding of beer, its ingredients, and the process by which it's made in a friendly and savvy environment. We teach in a concentrated 2 to 3 hour workshop format that focuses on practical brewing techniques. Our teaching style is casual while also presenting a wealth of information. It is designed to provide our students the confidence, knowledge, and experience needed to become proficient home brewers and cultivated beer drinkers. You will learn all the basics to get you up and running while brewing a batch of beer. You’ll learn about extract brewing, malts, grains, hops, yeasts and how to avoid or troubleshoot the most common problems.

Colleen Davy

This class will be taught our longtime friend of the store, Colleen Davy. Colleen was born and raised in Dublin, Ohio (home of Wendy's and the Field of Corn) and has been slowly moving her way east ever since, spending 11 years in Pittsburgh (home of the Steelers and putting fries on everything) and a few years in New Jersey (home of... the pork roll) before heading on up to Brooklyn in 2016. Her love of brewing started on her 24th birthday, when she received a one-gallon Mr. Beer homebrewing kit and her cat, Thor. The Mr. Beer kit is long gone, but her cat and love of brewing live on. She has also expanded out to meads, kombuchas, sourdough bread, and just about anything else fermentable. When she moved to Brooklyn in 2016 she joined the Brewminaries homebrew club and fell in love with the NYC homebrewing scene. She served as the Brewminaries Science Officer in 2019, where she achieved what is to date her greatest accomplishment: getting a bunch of people to brew beers using Flaming Hot Cheetos. She brews anything that does well in an NYC apartment with too many radiators (e.g., saisons) and has been known to make wheat beers just because they make your apartment smell amazing. Outside of fermenting things, she works in higher education and teaches college students about data analytics and psychology.