Whether you are a beginner or advanced brewer, you can find informative and fun homebrew classes at Bitter & Esters. We cover every aspect of homebrewing beer, from generalist extract courses to more advanced level all-grain brewing and targeted workshops like our Hops & Yeast classes. Check out our calendar of upcoming classes and events to sign up!

Brewshop 101: Homebrewing Essentials ($55) - Beginner

This class is designed for the homebrewing novice. We teach in a concentrated 2 to 3 hour workshop format that focuses on a hands-on learning experience. 

Brewshop 501: All-Grain Brewing ($55) - Intermediate

This is an advanced class for the intermediate or experienced extract brewer. We’ll take an in depth look at the mashing process and different styles of mashing/lautering & sparging along with the enzymatic and chemical pathways involved. 

Hops: Lecture & Tasting ($70) - Advanced

Our dedicated course and accompanying tasting will engross you in the wonderfully complex world of hops which are the delicate, cone-like flower giving many of your favorite brews their delicious and complex aromas and flavors.

Yeast: Lecture & Tasting ($70) - Advanced

Brewers make wort. Yeast make beer. This class and accompanying tasting will delve deeply into the world of everyone’s favorite microorganism.

Recipe Design: Theory & Practice ($55) - Advanced

Writing beer recipes can be daunting, especially for new brewers. In this class, students will learn the basics of writing a beer recipe. We cover everything from the first steps of dreaming up its delicious flavors all the way through to a practical workshop using some free online recipe calculation tools.

Water Class: Lecture & Tasting ($70) - Advanced

Everyone's second favorite liquid. Brewing water can be an intimidating aspect for any homebrewer. In this advanced and comprehensive class, we will go over the water basics that every brewer should know along with ways to improve your beer through water treatment. The class will be light on chemistry and big on practical advice.

Please note: We will require that attendees provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination showing a fully-vaccinated status. There are no exceptions to this policy.