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Brew on Premises

Embark on a craft brewing adventure at Bitter & Esters! Join us for an immersive brewing experience where you're the master brewer. Regardless of your skill level, our team is here to guide you through crafting your perfect batch of beer. We provide everything you need for an all-grain brew, from recipes and ingredients to equipment and expertise.

Choose from one of our vast array of recipes or craft a totally custom brew. Each brewing session takes around 4 hours depending on your recipe and each batch will yield 5 Gallons (48 bottles) of beer. Perfect for groups, our Brew on Premises is more than just brewing—it's a celebration of beer and friendship.

Our Brew on Premises experience requires a deposit and advance booking, especially during peak seasons. A $100 (nonrefundable) deposit is required in order to lock in your reservation. We are occasionally able to accommodate date changes up to two weeks prior to your reservation. To schedule a brewing appointment simply call us at 917.596.7261, or fill out the form below.


SCHEDULE YOUR BREW DAY: Fill out the form on this page or call us at 917.596.7261. Choose from one of many different house recipes to discuss how we can customize one for you. All brews will start at 12pm - no exceptions. 

BREW DAY: Make the beer! Brew day is when the fun begins in earnest. During the brewing session you’ll work with a master brewer to blend malt, hops, yeast and water in perfect harmony to create beer. One of our experts will be on hand to help as little or as much as you need. Arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of your appointment. Feel free to bring drinks (no hard liquor please) and food. Brewing is hard work - sustenance is important!

Reservations that are more than 30 minutes late without prior notice may be canceled. Up to 6 people are invited to join you and are included in the price. We’re happy to accommodate additional invitees and private events. Additional fees will apply.

FERMENTATION: Leave the beer to ferment. We’ll tuck your beer into our temperature controlled fermentation chamber where it will be lovingly cared for over the next two to three weeks. We’ll check your beer two to three days before bottling and will notify you if it needs more time. Behind the scenes we rack (transfer) the beer to a bottling keg and carbonate it. 

PICKUP DAY: Return to pick up your beer! Upon request, we can provide kegs (Sankey or Corney) instead of bottles.

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