Brown Malt-Malted Barley

Brown Malt - 55L

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These malts can be used to produce Bitter and Mild Ales and sweet Stouts, as well as traditional London Porters. Brown malt, having a slightly higher colour imparts a dry, mild coffee flavour and a darker amber hue. These flavors are quite intense and caution in the use of these malts is required.

Maltster Warminster
Malt Style
Brown Malt
Coffee, Mild Roast
Lovibond 47°
Fermentability 72.5
PPG (Extract Potential) 1.034
Diastatic Power (Lintner) -
Usage (% of total Grain Bill) Up to 5%
Manufacturer Information -


Please note that malts and adjuncts must be ordered in whole numbers (i.e. 1 Pound / 1 ounce). For more info, see our guide to ordering fractional amounts here. Additionally, all bulk malt purchases (50/55# sacks) are only available for curbside pickup and will not be shipped.