Collection: Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Hey there homebrewers and beer lovers! It’s our annual gift guide for all things homebrew. We've got tools and upgrades that will empower you to conquer new beer frontiers, plus some fun stuff like beer socks.


Starting out? Get an Essentials Brewing Kit in whatever size you need: 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon or 5 Gallon. You can choose from one of 6 different recipes (Hazy IPA, Dry Irish Stout, Pale Ale, English IPA, Amber, Mead, or Hard Seltzer) or opt for just the equipment and and pick one out from our collection of over 120 recipes, including our best-selling NYC Brewery Series.

Beer isn't everyone's cup of tea (to mix a metaphor), so we also offer Wine Kits (both equipment and ingredients). Wine is surprisingly easy to make and just takes a little patience. We’ve also got Kombucha and Sake kits as well! Homebrewing’s not just beer . . .

Already have the equipment you need? For some quick upgrade ideas, consider getting a wort chiller which will not only shorten your brew day significantly, it just looks really cool. Can't wait for your wort to cool down for a hydrometer reading? Get a refractometer and learn the power of Brix. Want better data on your fermentations? Get a Tilt and start charting your way to better brews with DATA. Tired of waiting for your brews to carbonate in the keg? Get a Blichmann QuickCarb and be ready in just a few hours.

Need to step up your yeast game? Get the Erlenmeyer Flask + Magnetic Stir Plate combo to build up that starter for healthy fermentations. Get a 4-pack of Propper Starter to make your starters with zero effort.

Want to make bottling day more efficient? Get the Vinator - just add Star San (properly diluted of course) and pump it 3 times to thoroughly sanitize your bottles without having to dump them in a bucket. 

Stay Hydrated! Get yourself some of that spicy water with a brand new Sodastream Fizzi and get refills at your neighborhood homebrew shop! We've also got the new Terra Sodastream Starter Kit and offer refills on Terra carbonators as well.

Can't decide? The quick and easy gift that makes every homebrewer happy is the humble gift certificate, which signals that you trust the receiver to make their own decisions in life, and want them to be happy with their choices. Our gift certificates come via email and can be printed (perfect for a last minute gift) and can be used for anything in the store (except classes).

We also offer gift certificates for our classes! Once you finish our Brewshop 101 class, consider our more advanced classes: All-Grain Brewing and Recipe Design. They're all incredibly informative and will teach you to be a better brewer.

Lastly, if you need some stocking stuffers we've got lots of ideas from socks, to soap, to scales and even glassware.