Top 5 Winter Brew Recipes

What's Brewing In The Home? The holidays are a perfect time to get experimental with homebrewing, whether you're brewing for a party full of thirsty friends or simply getting creative with new seasonal flavors and spices. We've been toying with a few new recipes of our own, both old and new, but these five are the big stand outs of the month. Got some winter recipes to add to our list? Tweet them @bitterandesters. We've always got room for more.


Roggenbier - A dark German Rye beer. Flavorful yet easy drinking with that rye bite.  Best for: Hanging with friends, both old and new. You'll probably see John throwing one back or trying to convert you; he's a big fan you see. He actually brewed this beer because the commercial example wasn't available in the US. Hence, the birth of Roggenbier. Tastes like: Treasure this beer. Save for California, you probably won't find this anywhere else in the USA. Pairs well with: Get as German as you can. Our recommendation includes Bratwerst and sausage, or if you are vegetarian like John, try it out with baked tofu and veggie sausages. You can throw some latkes and potatoes in there too. Delicious all around. Get the recipe.

A Winter's Ale - A spiced, malt forward winter warmer. Perfect for sipping indoors on a cold winters night.  Best for: the perfect holiday gathering. Great brew for the party you're throwing at home or at the office. Tastes like: as homemade as you can get. It's the comfort food of beers with the perfect hint of cinnamon. Pairs well with: think pie and delicious holiday pastries. A Winter's Ale is unique and versatile, finding delicious union with any of the folowing -- cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and those fruity notes. All in all, a huge holiday hit. Get the recipe.

Divine Chocolate Porter - A roasty but refined porter with a luxurious chocolate finish.  For this kind of occasion: If you find yourself cozying up by the fireplace without a beverage, this one's got you covered. Why leave your house in the freezing cold when you can party with your Divine Chocolate Porter? Tastes like: chocolate and beer striking perfect harmony. Pairs well with: ice cream! Contrary to the sweetness you might think exists in a chocolate porter, this one's pretty far from sweet. So many pairings we can think of, but you pretty much have free dessert reign here. Get the recipe.

Winter Celebration - Deep red and hoppy. Enjoy it by the fire.  For this kind of occasion: Sweeter than its IPA siblings but as deliciously hoppy and aromatic as its family, this one's perfect for the holiday gathering or more casually, game night on a Monday with football in the mix. Tastes like: a Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale, which is also our favorite beer of the season. Pairs well with: pretty much everything really. Winter Celebration with water? Check. Winter Celebration with a side a pasta? Double check.Get the recipe

No Way Out Stout (partial mash) - A strong Russian Imperial Stout with bourbon soaked vanilla beans.  For this kind of occasion: this one's got a funny story. One of our former employees brewed a beer for his best friend's wedding. Come time to name the beer, he decided on "No Way Out," which was initially a joke and then it stuck, forever. Tastes like: a very strong Imperial Stout with bourbon and vanilla at the end. Can't go wrong there. Pairs well with: the wedding night and every night thereafter. And if you're nowhere close to getting married, drink this one for good juju. Get the recipe.

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