What is Brewnity?

By now you might have heard me talk about Brewnity. So what is Brewnity? I can tell you what Brewnity is not. Brewnity is not a homebrew club. There are no officers, no dues. Rather it is a gathering of the homebrew clubs and homebrew shops in the greater NYC area. The goal being that there is strength in numbers. Our objective is to promote the great hobby of homebrewing through charitable events, club to club competitions and anything else we find fun and beery. At Bitter & Esters we are currently setting up a friendly competition with one or more of the clubs in the area with our monthly beer swap. New York City has some of the greatest homebrew clubs and homebrewers, Brewnity brings them all together for the greater good. By being a member of one of the participating homebrew clubs, or a customer of one of the participating homebrew stores, you are a member of Brewnity. Just recently Brewnity helped organize and contributed homebrew to Kegs and Kluckers. An annual event at Brooklyn Brewery that raises money for JustFood.org. The event also allowed homebrewers and chicken farmers to meet and organize getting spent grains to farmers as feed. Coming up on November 2nd, 2014, Brewnity's NYC area brewers will gather at the Bell House in Gowanus Brooklyn to celebrate the burgeoning home brewing scene in New York City. It will be a party to benefit a local charity of your choosing! You get to vote for your preferred local charity, or write one in that you would like considered. The organization with the most votes by 5pm, Wednesday October 8th will be first choice. 100% of proceeds from this annual event will be donated to the organization. Please vote here. Tickets for this event are scheduled to go on sale Friday September 26th. More info coming soon to www.brewnity.com. If you want to be part of the event, come to Bitter & Esters beer swap on October 1st at 6:30. I'll be laying out more details then about how you can be involved. If you can't make the swap, drop by the store and we'll chat. Brewnity is a great thing. It gives the clubs and shops a way of communicating and organizing awesome events. With all of us combined we can really get the word out about our homebrew community here in the greater NYC area and do some good in the process. For more information on the homebrew clubs in NYC check out last weeks post (just beneath this one or click here!). Brewnifyingly yours, John
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