New York Pro Am Brew P.I.T.

What was my favorite part of New York Pro Am Brew P.I.T. this past Saturday August 9th at Covenhoven? Was it the incredibly beautiful weather at an amazing beer bar? Well . . . yes. Or was it the kick ass beers being poured by both local professional breweries and home brewers? Uh . . . also yes. Could it have been the fact that Marcus from Sixpoint brewery poured a great salted caramel beer inspired from one of our homebrewers Shannon when he worked at Bitter & Esters? Oh yeah. Marcus and Sixpoint Or maybe it was hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones during a chill, welcoming event? You got it, another yes. But the best thing for me was seeing the New York City beer community coming together, drinking beer, talking and enjoying a great event on a beautiful day. There were no cliques, no differentiation between pro brewer, home brewer and drinker. We were all there for the same reason, to celebrate the growing craft and home brewing movement in New York City. It was such a great thing to see this community together, I was really digging it. Cuzme, LaPolla, Sherrill It made me think about why this particular beer movement is growing so fast with such great quality? Surely it is because of awesome breweries like Sixpoint, Singlecut, Finback, Yonkers, Flagship and 508 among others pouring delicious innovative brew. Great bars like Saint Gambrinus, Jimmy's No. 43, and Covenhoven making these beers available to the thirsty masses. Home brew clubs like the New York City Homebrewers Guild, Pour Standards, Brooklyn Brewsers and Brewstoria organizing brewers and helping each other out to make great beer. And cool home brew shops like Bitter & Esters and Brooklyn Homebrew providing ingredients and guidance so homebrewers can make their awesome concoctions. Brew PIT ALL But the main reason is because of you. You want New York City to be a beer town and you are making it happen. By supporting this community and helping it grow. We have such a great thing happening here in this city and we are all a part of it. That was what I got out of Brewers P.I.T. Our beer community is the best. Thank you. Check out this article from our friend Meredith in Brooklyn Magazine. She really captured the feeling of the day. Passionately, Inspirationally and Technically yours, John P.S. Thanks to Carla Coria for all of the wonderful photos! [slideshow_deploy id='4643']
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